Specifics of Bitcoin Casinos for High Rollers

Bitcoin casinos for high rollers are literally in abundance all across the Internet. Some of these casinos have become well established in the Bitcoin gambling industry. These casinos by operating successfully throughout the years have gained a trustworthy reputation. You can check which bitcoin casinos on AllHighRollerCasinos.com are the most reliable. The main features of high roller Bitcoin casinos are as follows:

high roller bitcoin casinos features• Numerous payment methods;
• Excellent game providers;
• 24/7 live chat support;
• Instant gaming via mobile;
• Outstanding array of software providers;
• Real time gaming;
• Signing up gift;
• VIP points;
• Micro-gaming offers;
• No deposit bonus.

There are some noteworthy advantages while using Bitcoin as a digital currency for playing classic casino games online. A handful of such advantages are as follows:

• Bitcoin allows any user to get access to great odds;
• It empowers any individual to play with almost anonymity;
• Bitcoin casinos do not entertain government interference;
• Players are assured that games are run fairly and smoothly;
• Anyone can increase the number of Bitcoins they own;
• Excellent varieties of games are provided by Bitcoin casinos. Some of the most popular games for Bitcoin are roulette, slots, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and jackpot.

Any individual can stay in touch with online Bitcoin casinos due to the severe advancement in different operating systems. Android or Windows or even IOS users have the opportunity to engage themselves with online Bitcoin casinos.

sites of high roller bitcoin casinosThere are innumerable gambling sites that accept Bitcoins. Some of these websites are bound to part ways with their customer’s money. Hence I should warn you to progress with caution while deciding to gamble with Bitcoins.

I think the safer approach should be to join an experienced website that has a long history in accepting Bitcoins for standard gambling. The best way to judge the regulation aspect of any Cryptocurrency gambling website is to ensure that the following is addressed by such website:

• The test certificate of such website is properly addressed;
• The sub-licensee right of such website has been clearly clarified;
• The website is legal as per the legal norms of its native country.

Nowadays high rollers are spread to web Bitcoin gaming clubs. Gamblers may also play from the comfort their homes with help of Bitcoins instead of money. High rollers are also referred to as a ‘whale’ or a ‘big gun’. Such an individual usually wagers large proportions of money. He or she is generally lured into the gambling floors by the casino with the use of various benefits such as free private jet transfers and limousine use.

In the case of land based or live casinos, I suggest betting in the region of 4.5 Bitcoin per session in order to claim you as a VIP player. On the other hand, any player can achieve access to the VIP section by placing a single bet of 2.2 Bitcoin on the Internet. Here I have more interesting and detailed articles about these cryptocurrency gambling sites:

Types of These Gaming Sites

high roller bitcoin casinos typesWith reference to Bitcoin casinos, there are 2 categories of gaming websites that accept Bitcoins. The first category is called “Bitcoin-only’’ sites and the second category is called “Hybrids’’.

In the case of “Bitcoin-only’’ sites, high rollers can use only Bitcoin Cryptocurrency as their standard currency to play. Fiat currency is not accepted. Here high rollers possess increased level of anonymity. Hence they do not require any verification to play.

In the case of “Hybrids”, it is possible to bet by using both Bitcoins and Fiat currency. Hence there are different modes of payment that are acceptable. There is no possibility of a minimum amount of deposit.

Bitcoin Casinos Regulation

Every nation is subject to its own gambling regulations. However, there is no single legislation that covers the entire rules and regulations for online gambling in a global fashion. There is no secret that exist countries, which already announced their position about the BTC usage as Germany, Thailand, Russia and etc.

While the part of them are okay with this digital money, there is also another part that even prohibited Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies. This is a defensive effort by these countries to prevent themselves from any sort of fraudulent activity of Bitcoin gambling houses.

For countries which have made the use of Bitcoins illegal, definitely, BTC Casinos or any other crypto gaming site are not allowed to operate. And, of course, there is a restriction for their citizens to gamble with this digital money.

However, for countries as Germany, which considered Bitcoin as ‘real currency’, seeking regulation from a legal authority is a must with Bitcoin-based businesses like casinos. Given this, gamblers can be sure that the BTC betting site they are in adhere to stringent standards to prove that it is legit, fair, and trustworthy.

Advantages for High Stake Players

At online casinos, high stake high roller bitcoin casinos exlusive offersplayers are treated to the following benefits:

• Exclusive games;
• Invitations to large events;
• Unlimited amount of deposits;
• Unlimited amount of withdrawals;
• VIP bonus rewards.

Attractive Bonuses

Sometimes high stake rollers are paid extra bonuses both daily and weekly in coordination with their old track record. High percentages of bonuses per deposit are also offered to such high rollers. For instance, some online casinos provide 100% bonus up to 2 BTC/100 EURO.

Exclusive Promos

VIP players are offered the opportunity of benefiting from several cash back offers. Newly registered VIP players are provided with beneficial temporary programs. Many reputed online casinos also enlighten their high stake players with high roller bonuses that literally provide a 50% match rate on their deposits.

Games Variety of Bitcoin Casinos for High Rollers

The prospect of playing a range of different games is one of the main reasons as to why high rollers choose to play in Bitcoin casinos. The various gambling sites offer numerous amusements. Some of the most played games using Bitcoins by high rollers are as follows:

• Faust;
• The Alchemist;
• Mystic Secrets;
• Golden Ark.

Table games

table games at bitcoin casinos for high rollersThe 2 most common table games to feature in online Bitcoin casinos are:

• Roulette – This game is played on a normal roulette table. The players place their bets using chips that cannot be mutually exclusive. Field bets and track bets are the 2 types of bets. A 0.23 Bitcoin bet is considered a reasonable limit.
• Blackjack – It is a card game. Here players compete against each the dealer but not against each other. A bet of 0.11 Bitcoin per hand is considered a reasonable limit for the high roller.


This is another popular game that high stake players like to play using Bitcoins in online Bitcoin casinos. It features a gambling machine that consists of reels. Again a bet of 0.11265BTC is considered a reasonable limit for a high roller.

Live Dealer

The following is a list of available games with live dealers in Bitcoin casinos:

• Live Dealer Bitcoin Roulette;
• Live Dealer Bitcoin Blackjack;
• Baccarat;
• Live Lotto Draw;
• Live Dice.

The following are a few best Live Dealer casinos deposit bonus offers:

• 100% up to 0.02 BTC;
• 100% up to 0.05 BTC;
• up to 100% up to 0.09 BTC.

Optimization for different OS

high rollers bitcoin casinos optimization for different OSAlmost all online casinos that use Bitcoins as an acceptable currency are optimized to run on any platform.

Even the operating systems like IOS, Android, Windows, etc. facilitate the smooth operation of these online Bitcoin casinos. They can be operated on any browser.


This operating system smoothly facilitates the functioning of online Bitcoin casinos. Be it on your smart phone or your tablet, this platform perfectly runs any online Bitcoin casino.


The IOS also lets an individual stay connected with his or her online gambling activities. There may, however, be some limitations in the case of instant games. Some Adobe commodities may not be supported on IOS devices.


This might just be the best operating system on which an online Bitcoin casino may operate. There seem to be no visible implications while carrying out online gambling activities on this platform.

Educating players about Bitcoin Casinos

high roller bitcoin casinos and educationThe toughest hurdle for Cryptocurrency websites to overcome is the uptake of Bitcoin itself. Several players cannot seem to understand how Bitcoin works. Companies have launched campaigns to educate potential players about the concept of Bitcoin.

BTC is a digital money that is used to regulate the generation of currency units. It helps to verify the funds’ transfer while functioning completely independent of central banks.

Bitcoin Peculiarities

Individuals by using Bitcoins can operate transactions directly without any intermediary. Such transactions are transparent in nature. The Cryptocurrency system is decentralized.

Ways of Getting This Cryptocurrency

Bitcoins may be newly issued for any potential user after getting registered via Bitcoin networks. They can get BTC with help of mining, but this process is difficult as well as expensive because there is a need in the powerful equipment and great amount of the electrical energy. Bitcoins can also be accumulated by an individual through any trade exchange platforms available nowadays.

Problems that gamblers may face

safety of bitcoin casinos for high rollersSome of the significant problems that gamblers may face while using Bitcoins are as follows:

• The value of Bitcoins tend to change quite frequently;
• Some gambling websites need a lot of time to make withdrawals due to security issues and avoiding scams;
• Potential gamblers shall suffer serious consequences if the gambling websites are hacked.

Security & Safety of Bitcoin Casinos

The Bitcoin casinos are decentralized. They are not under the supervision of any regulatory authority. There remains doubt regarding the security of a transaction process involving Bitcoins. Still, many people consider the prospect of “almost complete anonymity” a positive effect of such online casinos.

Bitcoin Laundering

There are a couple of methods using which swindlers wash Bitcoins with help of Bitcoin casino. There remains a possibility for a normal player to become a victim of this criminal activity. That is why I always recommend going for top rated online casinos where Bitcoins shall remain safe and secure.