High Roller Bitcoin Casinos – Hybrid type

hybrid bitcoin casinos for high rollersWhen we think that we know absolutely everything about casinos’ types, we usually wonder what Hybrid bitcoin casinos for high rollers mean in this case. This is the phenomenon of last several years and there is a lack of information about its usage. Well, there is no complication.

If we hear a word ‘hybrid’, we imagine some combination and that is so. We have a few currencies crossed inside one gaming space. You can start your game with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency and convert your gain into national one and vice versa. So, now we will mark the pros and cons of it.

Features of Hybrid Casinos

The first reason of creating such spaces is definitely customer interest. Bitcoin casinos for high rollers try to attract players with the number of games, special offers, and interactive system, so now they allow to use both of two currency types.

More and more gamblers including high stake ones start to use cryptocurrency, so gaming sites also need to keep abreast. Discovering the needs of customers, Hybrid type’s founders added some extraordinary opportunities. Let’s see what profit we can have from that.

If you don’t use bitcoins, there are also more opportunities for you. The combination of two casino kinds allows making a huge list of games to enrich gambling experience. The transactions will become much quicker. As the value of cryptocurrency rises, it’s a chance to try new payment system.

More Payment Options

hybrid type of high roller bitcoin casinosThe main difference of this gambling platform type is that you can choose any currency existing. It can be both usual international (USD, EUR, GBP) and cryptocurrencies (BTC in our case).

The transactions can be made with the standard casino cashiers. If you’re an experienced bitcoin user, you wouldn’t have any problem.

No Minimum Deposit

Gambling sites offer you all deposit methods such as e-wallets, credit cards and so on to pay with. One of the advantages is that almost all hybrid casinos make no limits. It’s a great chance for high-rollers to parlay.

Pay your attention to gaming currency details. Firstly you can choose any currency for conversion on your account after making the deposit in bitcoins in equal value. It means that in fact, you will play with usual money. But if you want to take your gain in BTC, an operator converts it again. No commission needed.

Differences Between Bitcoin-Only And Hybrid Casinos

Why do we need hybrid casinos if we can just choose usual or bitcoin-only one? Such type of combination has much more important differences. And it’s not only convenient. Mainly it has a better secure system for gambling sites due to accounts verification.


hybrid high roller bitcoin casinosSometimes bitcoin-only casinos ask you for e-mail or other information, but not always. You can often save your anonymity this way. If you want to choose the Hybrid one, your data must be fixated during your personal account registration.

The gambling site will need your country of residence, phone number, and physical address to create a profile. Don’t try to use VPN to change your location. Usually, it has no sense and your registration will not just happen.

Identification of Bitcoin Source

One more thing you should know about Hybrid sites is background checking. You’re wrong if you believe that this casino’s owners don’t care about the source of your cryptocurrency. It can happen in some bitcoin-only spaces, but it isn’t so our situation. In some cases, you can even be asked about your supporting documents before the transaction. Make sure of having them scanned on your computer or any other device.