High Roller Bitcoin Casinos – Variety of Games

high roller bitcoin casinos games
Bitcoin casinos represent you a great variety of plays that can be found at fiat currency. The main thing you should definitely know is that your profit is a certain percentage of your gain.

A value depends on the game’s type. Best bitcoin casinos for high-limit players often give attractive odds to their clients. That’s why people become so involved in online gambling.

Table Games

The most known table games on bitcoin are, of course, craps and roulette. But there are much more than two types in this world of gambling. The rules can depend on local traditions and your own preferences. So, assure yourself of knowing all details to start gambling and be lucky!


As a rule, roulette games are divided into European, American, French, Without Zero and Mini Roulette. But there can be other combined variations such as, for example, American-European.

The classic European Roulette has 37 sections on the wheel: from 1 to 36 plus 0 (zero). The last index buries your chances. The American version adds one new point. It is 00 (double zero). It means the same. According to that, casino’s chances to win are higher. This kind of game is less popular among online players.

The French Roulette has the same quantity of sections. But it’s different because in this case, zero means that players will get half of your bet sum back. You may also choose Without Zero Roulette and the wheel will have 36 indexes only.

The Mini version is rarely offline but the chance to meet such variant rises if you use BTC online casinos. It has from 1 to 13 plus zero. There exists no limit for making bets, but your chances to win are low.


Craps is a really well-known dice casino amusement. When the result is literary in your hand, the game will become much more exciting. You just need the purpose-built play table and also two dices. Customer representatives usually replace instruments after using a half a day. The rules of handling usually depend on the local traditions. The number of gamblers can be right up to 20.

The classic system is the next. The game is considered to be begun when the first gambler makes the first bet. In this case, he plays Shooter’s role. He should present it with the Stickman dice, which must be chosen only two for rolling with.

Other dices will be returned to the Bowl right to the end of the play. Then the first person handles it and only with his/her one hand. While falling down the dice supposed to hit the border of opposite table.

Card Games

Blackjack is as famous card game even out of casinos as Poker is. Experienced gamblers respect these two, but also regularly use other variants represented on the web.

Baccarat, for example. The most part of them is pretty easy to understand and don’t require special skills.


high rollers bitcoin casino gamesBaccarat is a thrilling card game that uses a special box (shoe) for dealing cards that may have from 6 to 8 decks. There can be up to 14 people, but only two are surely needed: ‘the player’ and also ‘the banker’. The parlays should be paid 1:1 between gamblers plus the commission.

It works the next way. Cards with 6-9 indexes have a face value and the Aces are like 1. Only the last digit matters. The first step is the giving 2 cards to the ‘player’ and the ‘banker‘ and then to the rest by the dealer.

The task is just to make your bet correctly. Guess which one’s values are the highest. The rest of actions are obviously so there is no need for you to remember them.


21 game’s rules are really the simplest ones. There exist a lot of mathematically strategies on the web but you can develop your own. That’s why this amusement is so exciting. The standard 52-card pack (312 cards) is usually used for a six-deck play.

What each participant should do is to outplay the dealer by getting the count as close to 21 as possible and not over that. The bets are made by taking chips in the front area. The limits can be up to $500 and are established before the game.


Poker as the most spread card game has many variations of rules. Official types are Omaha, Texas Hold’em, and, of course, Seven-Card Stud Poker, but in reality, there is much more.

Here are some basics. Normally casinos use the 52-card deck, 2-10 players (can be more) and a single table. The dealer gives just two cards for each participant starting from the left one. The gambler next to croupier is the first to act and they have a choice of making rates or passing. The others’ reaction depends on previous one.

Gaming Machines

Playing game machines is kind of having a really great diversity. The collection includes very popular slots, video slots and poker, and etc. To keep abreast, you may need the next information.


games in high roller bitcoin casinosTo start playing slots, decide what kind of machines you do really want. It may have 3 and 5 reels with a different number of gaming lines. Most parts of people prefer machines which are based on a monetary value. Some of web bitcoin casinos’ slot payouts can be even as high as 99%.

Mostly the gears have only five coins limit and people usually start with the penny machines. They choose to play five cents for one round. The currencies are the dollar, quarter, dime and nickel. The main idea is to make some combinations that you are searching for getting a jackpot.

Video Poker

Video poker is really becoming increasingly attractive among gamblers. In spite of divers types of play modes, all of them have the similar features. Imagine that you start the game with five cards.

Holding or discarding functions, in this case, are available all the time. If you decide to use the last variant, the card will be automatically replaced. To win the price your hand must match any of the qualifying poker hands. The variety is huge. Joker’s Wild, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild – you can discover it for a very long period.

Live Dealer Games

games of bitcoin casinos for high rollersJust as with other online platforms, bitcoin casinos are expanding into the live dealer games now. It means that players have a possibility to communicate with a real dealer in real time.

It brings you a different level of emotions due to the streaming live casino environment. Live gaming gives an opportunity to have an experience of being there inside with other gamblers, which are also present online and play with you.