High Roller Bitcoin Casinos For iOS

ios bitcoin casinos for high rollersIt’s a fact, that iOS provides all high rollers (especially those, who gamble with bitcoins) with the greatest modern technologies on all devices.

This operating system is easy-to-use because its options meet all requirements for the simple and exciting playing. For sure, all high rollers have really appreciated its advantages over other ones.

Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos

These kinds of bitcoin casinos for high-limit players, operating on the basis of iOS software, have recently benefited the attention in the sphere of gambling. And for a good reason, because they have an undeniable superiority over other virtual playing sites, which do not accept any cryptocurrency. Let’s take a look at Bitcoin gaming clubs working on this platform more closely.


Bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrency cannot guarantee the absolute anonymity of all members of the payment system but substantially decrease their identification. Very often such casinos propose an easy way of registration by submitting your e-mail address. The additional advantage is that there is no need for identification throughout transactions. After registration, the account dashboard will appear on your screen.

Many online casinos, created on the basis of the iOS offer to set the limits for the future gambling. It is a rather convenient option because you can regulate the losses, wagering and deposit amounts. On other gaming sites, you are to connect with admin for placing the allowable level.

No backcharge

As transaction with Bitcoins can not be broken or “won back”, there is no any “return” commissions, which became one of the problems for operators of online gaming industry. Any deposits that were taken away seem to be completed.

Besides, any misunderstandings are the problem of casino’s security. It’s worth noting that Bitcoin allows saving money throughout the processing of payments and reduces the risk of its withdrawal.


high roller bitcoin casinos for iosThe blockchain mechanism makes every transaction transparent and gives the players more control over their finance. It is a digital log book of all operations with Bitcoins, recorded in the form of blocks that are constantly replenishing the database.

In this register, all financial information is streamlined due to the chronology and added to the main journal. The confirmation of safe transactions and its blocks constitute the bank records of all of them. Ever-increasing ones sometimes cause the problems with financial data possession.

Features of iOS

The iOS is an operating system, created for mobile devices by a giant Corporation Apple. First, the developer created this operating system, especially for iPhones. Later it was provided for iPads and iPods touch. So, this is a software, which totally supervises all functions of your device, namely its look, settings and program choice.

The structure consists of 4 main segments: The Core of OS, Services, Media components and the framework Cocoa Touch. This operating system occupies only 240 MB of the device memory. Since the times of its development, the iOS has remained on the leading position between the software developers of mobile devices.

The iOS provides the multi-touch interface, consisting of sliders and option buttons. It also gives its customers the possibility to use the Game Centre. Also, it is a public network, which enables to monitor scores and achievements, and invite friends for playing. Every year Apple Corporation updates the system and the 10th version has been recently released.

Bitcoin Casinos Optimization For iOS Technics

It is no secret that iPhones are developed on the basis of the iOS. They have one of the best digital resolutions: the HD capacity makes your gambling a real pleasure for your eyes and ears as it resembles the cinema’s sound and visual effects.

All high rollers can apply their Apple devices for gaming in Bitcoin casinos, whether it is a smartphone or a tablet. The iOS is optimized for any of them.


For gambling, you just need to download one of the applications from the iTunes store. Besides, all apps are often free of charge, so there is no need to waste your money. Another way of gaming is to use your browser and start an instant play.

One of the distinguishing features is that Apple devices don’t need the Flash to be installed on, compared to other operating systems. All necessary programs have been created for exciting gaming. The HD technology will add to your play more colors and the sense of reality.


ios and bitcoin casinos for high rollersFor sure, iPads take a worthy place among high rollers, who are fond of gambling with Bitcoins. The graphical interface is incredible. The gaming coupled with a huge screen will give you unforgettable emotions.

The App Store comprises near 2,200,000 applications. Clearly, you will find many cryptocurrency casinos due to your interest and liking.


Another representative of the advanced technologies MacBook, which operates on the basis of iOS, is one of the best solutions for gambling. The developers equipped their device with 3D graphics, it enables to accept high-quality images.

The high-resolution helps to convey nearly 1,000,000,000 colors. It also has stereo speakers with HDR, that will give you the special sound effects. Using any laptop, including MacBook, you will probably play in a browser mode. In that case, you need a steady Internet connection.