Bitcoin Gambling at High Roller Casinos With Safe Wallets

wallets for bitcoin casinos for high rollersThe manner in which you should keep your money in the equivalent of bitcoin depends on your needs. Some kind of wallet is perfectly suitable for casino players and some other is usually avoided. So, first of all, let’s identify the options we consider to be important.

When you play high stake games at bitcoin casinos for whales, you have to be cautious as far as feasible. The fear always comes because of the lack of information. We’ll provide you with some knowledge about how to use different types of wallets correctly. The first step is to understand the specific of Hot and Cold Wallets.

Hot Wallets

Hot type of wallet allows all kinds of online storage. You can receive access to purse from everywhere on the web. They use the public key that can be published anywhere without special security concern.

These billfolds are easy to use, but their openness hides a danger: intruders can make rather fewer steps accessing to your wallet. That’s why this type of saving money can be used only if we deal with limited sums.

The most popular among users: Coinbase, Xapo.


Software Wallet is the subtype of Hot. The distinct thing is that the Wallet requires software clients, downloaded (like Blockchain) to create an account. It’s acceptable both from PC and Mobile Apps which takes a lot of space in your computer memory.
This type of wallet is very popular due to its higher security level.

But you should keep in your mind that some of them can be difficult to set up and not always convenient because of it. It’s much easier to use it on your phone. But not all of clients have such an option. The other unique thing is that only some of them allow creating many billfolds.

The most popular among users: Bitcoin Core, MultiBit, Armory, MyCelium, Copay.


wallets and bitcoin casinos for high rollersOnline (Web) Wallet is also considered to be Hot. There exist a lot of services and you can create a wallet with their help. All you need is to assure yourself of having the internet connection.

But here can be some difficulties with the keys for online billfolds. You can receive them only using another server. It seems that this point should protect you, but it’s not.

Hackers are informed about that server too and regularly make tries to steal the information. They reached their goal in 2014 and were lucky to ‘earn’ bitcoins in an equivalent of $460 million from the famous exchange platform.

So if you decided to use Online Wallet, don’t leave your bitcoins unchanged for a long period. It’s the reason why high-rollers don’t often use this type.

The most popular among users: Blockchain wallet, Airbitz, Mycelium.

Cold Wallets

The opposite type is Cold (Offline) Wallet. It obviously has no web access. So how it works? Usually, you just store the wallet on a USB thumb in something like safe deposit box. They are more secure and adopted for large amounts of money.

But always remember that if your bitcoins were stolen from Cold Storage, you will never return them. It doesn’t work the way the real banks do. In spite of it, there is no better way to keep big sums.

The most popular among users: Armory, Tails.


high roller bitcoin casinos and walletsThe name of this wallet type is not just a symbol. Some people want to save their Bitcoins so much that they use a physical way to store them. You can print out your keys (both public and private) on the paper. This method is also ‘cold’ so you can see advantages and dangers of it. The most secure way is to make a lot of copies and hide them in different places. But wait… it increases the chance to steal them!

Many of Online Wallets have the option that allows their users to print the information. Don’t afraid if your existing one doesn’t. Go ahead and do it by yourself. Check if you can print it with BitAdress (add the public and private combinations into your wallet service).

We will not tell about the most popular places to keep the prints for security reasons. But there exist some Paper Wallet generators like Bitaddress or Diceware.


Hardware Wallets refer to the Cold type and use stand-alone devices. The important specific is that the new key is generated when you want to make a transaction by USB plugged into your computer.

As the combinations are created offline, the malware programs can’t harm them. This way is fast, easy and convenient. If you deal with big sums and you are coincidently a long-term Bitcoin user, then definitely invest in this type of Wallet.

The most popular storages among users: TREZOR, Ledger wallet.