Bitcoin Casinos For High Rollers on Android Gadgets

android bitcoin casinos for high rollersNowadays, we live in the era of mobile technologies. We can hardly meet any person, who has no mobile phone. These devices are improved with the new tools, applications, and programs. All gamblers can find online games to their liking just with several clicks.

That is why, a lot of high rollers more often choose mobile devices for playing in best bitcoin casinos for high rollers. Android ones are noteworthy because this operating system satisfies all needs of whales like no other. We will show the key benefits of this OS for playing on the bitcoin gambling sites.

Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling for High Rollers

One of the advantages of the Android hardware is that gamblers are not home-bounded. They can take their device to the trip or move to the country house, without worrying about the Internet connection. Your games and favorite apps are placed in a small handheld, wherever you are. You can choose the Bitcoin Poker and play the classic slot machines.

Also, all visitors can join the virtual game table and try his/her luck, playing cards games. The benefit is that many gambling websites created easy-to-use mobile versions of their entertainment for Android devices that accept Bitcoins.

You just have to touch the mobile screen with your finger and do any necessary operations, whether to choose options or to scale the images. Besides, every website provides the high roller players with all necessary instructions.

High Limits

bitcoin high roller casinos for androidIt is no secret, that the high roller is inclined to wager large sums. During the game, the bet increases and the winning amount depends upon the sum that has been parlayed. Many bitcoin gambling sites impose restrictions upon the major players so that to secure them from cheating.

It also means that bitcoin casinos have limits on cash issue. No matter what, the major players earn more trust; therefore, the virtual sites lift the limits and bets. There are a lot of Bitcoin ones, proposing an exciting gambling with high chances to win a mint of money.

Huge Bonuses

Many Bitcoin casinos provide high rollers with the loyalty program, which consists of bonuses and pleasant gifts. Some of them propose the beginners to take an advantage of the 5 BTC bonus. Other websites give some offers for the first deposit and grant a welcome package with 8 BTC. If deposits and stakes are high, then whales can easily get the honorary title of the VIP player.

Android OS Specifics

Android operating system was created by Android Corporation, in 2005 Google bought the rights to own the company. In 2007, this OS was officially declared to develop the mobile devices, and one year later the first mobiles appeared on the store shelves.

It was devised for touchscreen gadgets. Its structure allows operating with fingers by making manual interventions as touching, tapping and snapping.

This business became really profitable, partly due to the sale of a huge variety of apps from the well-known online store – Google Play. Because Google is the owner of this OS, Android mobiles are automatically connected with its e-mail and a cloud. A great popularity of this operating system caused the legal battles against its main competitor – Apple Company.

Bitcoin Casinos Compatibility with Android Devices

high roller bitcoin casinos for android os
The latest researches in the mobile technology market showed the constant income growth from gambling on Android devices. This is the reason why many casinos tried to make their websites compatible with this OS.

If you have a device of such famous brand as Samsung, LG or Sony you have to know that all these phones or tablets are working on the Android platform. Let us enumerate the best Android devices for gambling with Bitcoins:

1. Samsung Galaxy Note – mobile with one of the hugest screen and qualitative graphics

2. HTC One – affordable smartphone, best for gambling in slots

3. Sony Experia Z – not good for sound effects, one of the advantages – a big display

4. Samsung Galaxy S3 and S5 – has a unique display, with updated graphics and images submitting

Smartphones & Cell Phones

It is not a secret, that devices with this OS beat the Apple gadgets by the gambling traffic. The modern HTML5 technology for browsers makes any mobile and smartphone working in the mode of ongoing gaming.

That is one of the most prominent achievements. Your task is only to download the Flash on your devices for playing.


Many tablets are compatible with Android system. They are widely used for playing in Bitcoin casino. You can select two variants of gaming. First, you can upload an interesting application from Google Play on your tablet, then press an icon and start your entertainment.

The second way is to use the search engine and find the appropriate website and proceed with instant play with your browser. A big tablet screen makes your gaming more fascinating and living.