Bitcoin And Altcoin Casinos For High Rollers

altcoin and bitcoin casinos for high rollersThe cryptocurrency casino is a huge breakthrough in the gambling industry. Nowadays the number of such gambling houses is constantly growing (including sites for high rollers).

The innovative technologies attract the gamblers and spread the opportunities for whales. In this article, we will try to touch upon bitcoin and altcoin casinos, which win more and more attention.

Bitcoin Casinos as Pioneers in Cryptocurrency Gambling

The bitcoin is the digital currency which is well-known not only in the sphere of gambling but also by many people, who are not interested in online casinos. This cryptocurrency is a widely spread unit that is accepted by many gaming websites.

This payment mechanism is protected by an independent blockchain technology, which serves as a confirmation of transactions legality. It’s worth mentioning that top bitcoin casinos for high rollers are one of the first founders of cryptocurrency gambling. They have triggered an anonymous online gaming with a simple registration and almost taxes free payment operations.

Altcoins Gaming Sites as Alternatives

Sometime later, when BTC consolidated a reputation of reliable digital currency, a new kind of gaming clubs with alternative money, called altcoins, appeared for high rollers playing. Bitcoin casinos were the first ones, that added other altcoins in the list of available cryptocurrency.

But then, these gambling sites have represented an autonomous body with a great variety of alternative coins. Now we will examine the most popular kinds of digital coins for high rollers online platforms.


high rollers bitcoin and altcoin casinosLitecoin is another digital monetary unit, appeared to enhance the choice of payment. It showed up after bitcoins and functioned as a new popular currency. The Litecoin casinos are not regulated by the banking system as well as others.

The gamers have to collect them in order to replenish their account. After the bet is played, they can withdraw the winnings in the real money. In 2013 Litecoins reached the market capitalization with of $1 billion and that is the 6th part of cryptocurrency market.

Also, this unit is in the high demand of online gaming platforms along with Bitcoins. A lot of websites accept LTC for gambling operations because it is simple to deal with. The procedure includes signing up and creating a litecoin wallet.


Ethereum is another kind of digital money, which came into use in 2015. In casinos which accept Ethereum, the payments for gambling activity are performed by this currency. It differs by using a unique technology of smart contracts which regulates the whole system of depositing and payment not only for websites but for mobile applications as well.

This system is called “ether” and the name of cryptocurrency originated from it. The technology of smart contracts is so effective in its organization, that can be implemented in the overall system of online casinos working with altcoins. The ether is made to secure your transactions because the players can monitor all smart contracts by themselves and no one can control your balance.


bitcoin and altcoin high rollers casinosDogecoin is a relatively new kind of cryptocurrency which was announced as a facetious currency in 2013. Its logo resembles one popular doge Internet meme. Doge quickly gathered the gamblers around it.

This currency has reached the mark of $340,000,000 in 2017 and increased the number of supporters, especially due to its extensive use of dice and wheels gambling. The majority of casinos accept dogecoins as one of the most popular systems of payment.

Altcoin Casinos Prospects

Altcoin casinos along with bitcoin gambling sites help to make stakes and receive the profit with the real money being completely anonymous. These coins were created as an alternative currency for BTC. Although their capitalization hasn’t still reached this currency, the gaming industry is being updated with new technologies that are constantly developing to protect transactions and make the payment method more transparent.

The idea of smart contracts like withe ethereum currency is a very perspective because it enables to make the playing safer. Who knows, maybe it will be used by all alternative coins?  The virtual gambling doesn’t stand still.

With the Internet technology development, a number of new devices and software is continually growing. Every software developer provides an innovative approach to its production and the online gaming platforms try to reconcile their games with an updated hardware. It’s no doubt that altcoin casinos for high rollers will constantly evolve because the progress moves on.